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Plasma Exchange Reverses Liver Disease in Lupus Nephritis

Lupus, or SLE, is known as a chronic inflammation condition, which can spread in the whole body system and different organs. It can affect kidneys and cause lupus nephritis. Liver disease is a common complication of lupus. Plasma exchange is a blood-cleansing therapy which can help reverse the liver disease in lupus nephritis by removing the polluted plasma and adding the necessary elements in treating liver failure.

Plasma Exchange

Plasma exchange is used to remove the large sized waste products and excessive electrolytes in blood. It works similar as Dialysis, which helps filter out the blood which pass through kidneys in normal conditions. During the work of plasma exchange, plasma exchange will drive out the pathogenic factors and the affected plasma, meantime it sets the useful and necessary substances into the blood, so as to keep the blood healthy.

Plasma Exchange and Liver Disease in Lupus Nephritis

Plasma exchange can remove the large sized toxins as mentioned above, which includes the DNA antibody--it is the main pathogenic factor for lupus. As a result, it reduces the amount of lupus in blood, which will help reduce the damage to the kidneys and other organs. When the lupus is removed from blood, the Lupus Nephritis will stop progress or progress slowly.

In addition, plasma exchange can help add the fresh frozen plasma and supply the fresh frozen plasma into the blood of lupus nephritis. Meantime, it also puts the necessary elements, such as blood coagulation factor, in blood of patients. Blood coagulation factor plays an important role in reversing both kidney damage and liver failure.

According to the new report, plasma exchange helps control pneumorrhagia well in 90% cases. After the treatment, inflammation in lung can be reduced and lung function can be improved greatly. This is why pneumorrhagia becomes an indication of plasma exchange.

In addition, plasma exchange also helps stablize the kidney condition and improve kidney function. It even offers the chance for Lupus Nephritis to get rid off Dialysis.

If you want to know whether your condition can be treated by plasma exchange, you can leave a message below. And we are glad to attend to you within 2 business days.

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