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Kidney Function Down to 35% from 45% for Lupus Nephritis

Kidney Function Down to 35% from 45% for Lupus NephritisLupus Nephritis occurs when SLE, one systemic kidney disease, attacks kidneys. If unstopped effectively, patients’ kidney function will decline gradually. Kidney function down to 35% from 45% means Lupus Nephritis aggravates into stage 3B kidney disease from stage 3A. What can patients do to stop the progression of their illness condition?

Firstly, these patients should rejoice that their kidney disease hasn’t aggravated into end stage and some effective treatments are still helpful to reverse their kidney damage and treat their Lupus Nephritis from the root. Then, let’s find out what we can do to achieve this goal step by step.

Step 1: Remove immune complexes

Immunologic test can detect a variety of antibodies and immune complexes in Lupus Nephritis patients present positive, because this disease is one autoimmune disorder and its onset is caused by the deposit of immune complexes in kidneys. Therefore, the first step should be to use some blood purification methods, such as plasma exchange, immune adsorption and CRRT, to remove immune complexes.

Step 2: Keep patients’ kidney condition from worsening

Proteinuria, hematuria, swelling, joint pain and some other symptoms always occur along with the onset of Lupus Nephritis. If uncontrolled well, some of them will speed up the progression of Lupus Nephritis. Therefore, some medicines are needed to relieve these symptoms.

Step 3: Repair damaged kidney cells

In this step, some Chinese medicines with strong repairing ability are used. Through nourishing the impaired kidney cells and prompting their self-healing ability, damaged but not dead kidney cells can get recovery gradually.

Step 4: Regulate immune system

This is the last step for preventing the relapse of Lupus Nephritis. In this condition, acupuncture, medicated bath, cupping, massage, circle therapy and hot compress therapy may be used to achieve this therapeutic effect.

The detailed treatment plan should depend on patients’ illness condition. To get a personal treatment option, you need to send your test report to, so we can give you some individual suggestions correctly and timely.

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