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Can Lupus Nephritis Patients Avoid Dialysis

Can Lupus Nephritis Patients Avoid DialysisLupus Nephritis is one autoimmune kidney disease that may eventually progress into Kidney Failure. As kidneys are failing, Lupus Nephritis patients will have to consider dialysis. Is dialysis their terminal choice? Can Lupus Nephritis patients avoid dialysis?

Normally, when harmful substances, called antigens, attack the body, immune system will produce antibodies to combine and kill antigens. Then, circulatory system will eliminate immune complexes, the combination of antigens and antibodies, from the body. However, when immune system becomes abnormal, it can’t produce enough or produces too many antibodies, and the immune complexes can’t be excreted normally. As they build up in kidneys, Lupus Nephritis happens.

From the above analysis, we can know if patients want to avoid dialysis, the best treatment is to stop the progress of Lupus Nephritis or even reverse it. Immunotherapy is just one therapy created to treat autoimmune disorder.

The first step is to make accurate diagnosis. This can determine how seriously kidneys are damaged and where immune complexes accumulate. It can also guide doctors to develop a correct treatment plan.

The second step is immune tolerance. It aims at making immune complexes and inherent kidney cells coexist.

The third step is immune blockage. This step can inhibit immune complexes from damaging kidney functioning tissues.

The forth step is immune clearance. With the help of blood purification methods, immune clearance can eliminate immune complexes from the body.

The fifth step is immune adjustment. Through regulating immune system, immune adjustment can prevent the relapse of Lupus Nephritis.

The last step is immune protection. Protecting kidneys from damage again is our final goal.

Now, we have got a general overview of Immunotherapy for Lupus Nephritis. If you want to reply it to avoid dialysis and treat your kidney disease, you can contact us through emailing to or leaving a message below.

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