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Hawthorn for Lupus Nephritis

Lupus Nephritis,hawthornHawthorn is a sour and sweet fruit. And when it is dried, hawthorn can work as herb to cure disease. If you happen to be a person with lupus nephritis, hawthorn may help to prevent the complications and alleviate some symptoms.

How does hawthorn treat lupus nephritis?

Hawthorn has been used as a medical herb, since 2.000 years ago in Ancient China. It is truly a well established and well-known herb within any herbalist’s toolkit.

- lower high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a common complication of lupus nephritis. As the kidneys cannot function well, its ability to balance blood pressure declines, causing high or low blood pressure. Hawthorn is regarded as an ideal herb to lower blood pressure naturally.

- Prevent heart disease. Heart disease is always the easy complication of Kidney Disease. Hawthorn fruit has been used for heart disease since the first century. More recently, hawthorn leaf and flower have been used as folk or traditional remedies for heart failure, a weakness of the heart muscle that prevents the heart from pumping enough blood to the rest of the body, which can lead to fatigue and limit physical activities.

Hawthorn works throughly, dependably and slowly in alleviating the complication and symptoms of lupus nephritis. Thereby, you are suggested to take a consistent use of this remedy.

Even hawthorn shows a promising effect on lowering blood pressure and strengthening the heart health of patients with lupus nephritis, it shows no direct benefits on lupus kidney damages. Thereby, only the single hawthorn cannot be a “savior” for lupus nephritis patients.

If you have interest in herbs therapy, you are suggested to see a herbalist who will recommend you a personalized herbal formula after a whole estimation of your own kidney medical conditions.

Usually, a herbal formula will contains 4~16 kinds of herbs. Different herb is used to show different effects. You may expect the following effects from a herbal therapy for Lupus Nephritis:

- repair the damaged kidney tissues

- improve kidney function

- offset the side effects

- rebuild the immune system

If you are interested in Chinese Herbal Medicine for Lupus Nephritis, you are suggested to leave your message below and we are glad to help you to find the herb list that is specific for you.

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