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How to Improve The Prognosis of Lupus Nephritis

The prognosis of Lupus Nephritis has improved greatly as the technology progresses. In addition, if patient takes right measures, the prognosis can have further improvement. Here are some tips that can make patient with Lupus Nephritis enhance his condition.

To know how to improve Lupus Nephritis patient’s condition, we should learn what can affect the prognosis of Lupus Nephritis:

·The pattern of renal lesions: The prognosis of type I ,Ⅱand V may be fine, but type IV’s is the worst.

·Pathogenesis: The prognosis is terrible in general if Lupus Nephritis is caused by unknown reasons. The prognosis is generally fine if this disease is caused by medicines.

·Therapy: Whether the treatment is in time, and whether the therapy is appropriate can influence the prognosis directly.

·The relapse of renal lesions.

So what should we do to improve the prognosis?

Well-planed diet

Patient with Lupus Nephritis should be given low amount of protein diet, but enough protein should be guaranteed, because lots of proteins are taken away through urine. Foods with high amount of vitamins are needed, and controlling the intake of sodium is important because the patient is easy to be swelling.

Reducing the inducing factors

Genetic factors make patient easy to get this disease, but Lupus Nephritis is mainly caused by injection, and the irradiation of ultraviolet rays can worsen the condition. The imbalance of electrolytes and taking renal toxic medicines can also aggravate Lupus Nephritis. So reducing the inducing factors can provide a great help for controlling the disease.

Common therapies

In the early stage of Lupus Nephritis, patient should accept therapy positively. If patient is in the severe stage, except for the regular treatments, patient should remember to relieve workload and have enough rest, avoid getting cold, avoid using medicines that can damage kidney function, and so on.

Healthy lifestyle

A health lifestyle is important for patient to preserve his kidney function, and promote the overall healthy. For example, patient should have appropriate exercise regularly, don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoking, and keep a good emotion.

If patient takes right measures, the condition is able to be controlled. Even patient in end-stage can also have a longer and light-hearted life .

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