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Is Stage IV Lupus Nephritis Reversible with Chinese Herbal Medicine

Is Stage IV Lupus Nephritis Reversible with Chinese Herbal MedicineStage IV Lupus Nephritis is a severe condition in which over 50% of glomeruli are affected. Protein and blood in urine may occur, frequently with nephrotic syndrome, high blood pressure, elevated creatinine level, etc. Corticosteroids and immunosuppressive drugs are mainly prescribed to patients. Unfortunately, even with medications, patients will still progress to ESRD eventually. Is there any other treatment that can help reverse Stage IV Lupus Nephritis?

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Lupus Nephritis is due to immune disorder. There are massive immune complexes circulating in the blood now and these harmful things will deposit in the kidneys and gradually impair the kidney function.

The medicines like steroids and immunosuppressants can stop the inflammation in the kidneys and reduce proteinuria, but they fail to remove the immune complex in the kidneys. If one only takes these medicine, the disease is easy to relapse after reducing the dose of the medicine or stop it. This is because the immune complexes in the kidneys will arise inflammatory reaction again, resulting in kidney damage.

In order to prevent the relapse and reverse Stage IV Lupus Nephritis, Chinese herbal medicine (known as Micro-Chinese Medicine) is suggested.

Chinese herbal medicine can combine with the immune complexes and discharge them out of the body. In addition, it has the effect of anti inflammation, anti coagulation, and increasing blood flow in the kidneys. With sufficient blood and oxygen supply to the kidneys cells, the self renewal of the damaged kidney cells will be reactivated and kidney function will get improved with time, thus reversing Stage IV Lupus Nephritis eventually.

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