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Is the Cough Associated with Lupus

Is the Cough Associated with Lupus“The cough is still persistent since I was diagnosed with lupus, even though I went to see the doctor three times. Is the cough associated with lupus?” I get the question from one patient who consult our Doctor Online. Now, for the topic, you will find out answer from the passage. Any questions, please do feel free to email to us at

Lupus is a very diverse disorder and this is one of the reasons it it sometimes difficult to diagnose, and why some patients wait for years for a proper diagnosis. Actually, it is an autoimmune disease which can affect many organs system in a large number of ways.

Acute Lupus Pneumonitis (lung inflammation)

The lungs are frequently involved and can be the initial presenting complaint or occur in late in the course of established disease. The type of lung disease id fortunately rare and typically affects about 5% of all lupus sufferers. The patients present with shortness breath, cough, rapid breathing and occasionally coughing up blood. What happens is that there is marked increase in the number of white cells within the lung which produces the clinical symptoms.

Accumulation of wastes and toxins in the body.

When kidneys are damaged by lupus nephritis, kidneys are unable to discharge extra wastes and toxins from blood. When more and more wasteful products build up in the blood, patients will suffer from various discomfort. Cough is one of the common phenomenon for patients with lupus.

Pulmonary edema

Lupus may trigger pulmonary edema because the damaged kidneys cannot discharge extra water or fluid from the body. Once these fluid pile up in the lung’s surrounding, it easily lead to pulmonary edema. At the same time, cough also will occur along with the progression of illness condition.

Through the above analysis, we can see that persistent cough indeed has a close relationship with lupus. Therefore, patients should draw highly attention to the condition and take the effective treatments.

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