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Lupus Nephritis: Female with Low GFR 23, Creatinine 3.6

Lupus Nephritis: Female with Low GFR 23, Creatinine 3.6 Q: My daughter has Lupus Nephritis now with low GFR 23, creatinine 3.6. Doctor see Kidney Transplant in next one or two years. Can you help us with alternative treatment option?

A: As you have said, her GFR is 23 and creatinine 3.6, she is in Stage 4 CKD now. If treated in time, her disease can still be reversed. Please do not worry. It's true that she may develop into Kidney Failure in one/two years. But the progression can be stopped if she take prompt and effective treatment.

Actually, about 99% of Lupus will cause kidney damage if biopsy is done. Because lupus is a kind of autoimmune disease which can lead to massive immune complexes such as IgA, IgM, IgG, and C3 deposited in the kidneys, resulting in inflammation in the kidneys and impairment of kidney function.

It is not difficult to lower her creatinine 3.6. Medicines including "Shen Shuai Ning Ke Li", "Niao Du Qing Ke Li", Ketosteril and Medicinal Charcoal Tablets can all be useful. However, the fundamental solution should focus on stopping the inflammation of the kidneys, remove the immune complexes out of the body, and repair the damaged kidney function. The whole treatment for Lupus Nephritis with low GFR 23 and high creatinine 3.6 should include 5 steps:

1. An accurate diagnosis based on Immune Special Tests.

2. Block the inflammatory reaction in the kidneys.

3. Immune clearance. This step is to remove the toxins in her blood and the immune complex deposited in her kidneys. Otherwise, they will cause further renal damage.

4. Immune regulation. Chinese herbal medicine should be given to regulate her immune system.

5. Immune protection. This is to repair your daughter's kidney damage, protect her remaining kidney function and improve the GFR. In this process, Micro-Chinese Medicine is adopted to expand the blood vessels, improve micro-circulation and increase the blood flow in the kidneys. After the blood and oxygen supply in the kidneys is sufficient, the self-renewal of her damaged kidney cells will be reactivated, thus recovering the kidney function.

The above is just a general introduction. If you would like to know more details about treatment of Lupus Nephritis with low GFR 23, creatinine 3.6, leave a message in the below or email us at Best wishes!

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