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Can Lupus Cause A Puffy Face

Can Lupus Cause A Puffy FaceLupus is one lifelong immune disease often along with many symptoms and discomforts. Some patients may complain puffy face. Is it one symptom of Lupus?

Lupus occurs when immune cells attack the body's healthy tissues, causing inflammatory reactions and tissue damage. In severe cases, Lupus will damage kidneys, heart, lung, and some other organs. When the buildup of immune complexes damage these organs, patients may suffer from some symptoms and complications.

Puffy face usually occurs when kidneys are involved in Lupus, and we call it Lupus Nephritis. There are one million of tiny filters in kidneys which are in charge of removing extra fluid and metabolic waste and keeping helpful substances in the body. When these filters are attacked by lupus, kidney filtering structure will be destroyed easily.

As more and more kidney filters are damaged, extra fluid will retain in the body, causing swelling in face easily. If patients want to have this symptom, they can try the following therapies.

- Limit the intake of sodium and fluid: Extra sodium and fluid can lead more water to retain in the body, inducing swelling or edema. To ease puffy face, patients should control their sodium and fluid intake tightly.

- Take some medications: In clinic, many medicines can help alleviate swelling. Diuretic, ACEI, ARBs and steroids are proven to be effective on easing fluid retention. However, different patients need to take different medicines. Consult the online doctor to determine which medicine is effective for you.

- Elevate your head when sleeping: It can avoid more fluid to collect in the face, and this is one natural remedy.

- Remove immune complexes: Some Chinese medicines can help combine, split and remove these complexes from the root.

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