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Lupus Nephritis Symptoms

Compared with other Kidney Diseases, lupus nephritis symptoms seem more obvious. The symptoms of lupus nephritis includes swelling, foamy urine, Blood in Urine, high blood pressure, frequent urination etc.


If you happen to be a person with lupus nephritis, you may suffer from swelling on legs, ankles, face, eyes and feet etc. Kidneys work to remove the waste products and extra fluids from the blood. When kidney is damaged, it loses its ability to regulate the excessive fluids, which causes swellings.

Foamy urine

Foamy urine means foam appears in the urine. It is caused by the leakage of protein in urine. In normal condition, kidneys filter the blood and keep the useful substances, such as proteins and red blood cells, in the blood. And if kidney is damaged by lupus, kidney function decline will cause protein leaking into urine. This is how foamy urine develops in Lupus Nephritis.

Blood in urine

Blood in urine, is also known as Hematuria. As we talked about foamy urine, blood in urine also results from the kidney function decline. When many red blood cells leak into urine, it causes hematuria.

High blood pressure

Kidneys are not only the important organs to remove the waste products, but also important endocrine organs to keep a balanced internal environment. Kidneys work to release a substance called renin which helps to regulate the blood pressure. When kidneys are damaged, its function declines, causing high blood pressure.

Frequent urination

When kidneys are damaged, urination changes will be an very important sign. As kidneys has the function to urinate, the urination output changes usually follows after kidney damage. Usually, for people with kidney damage, frequent urination is common to see, especially during night.

Besides, there are other symptoms of lupus nephritis, such as nausea, vomiting, poor sleep etc. What’s your experience? Share with us below and we are glad to find the health guideline for your Lupus Nephritis.

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