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Malar Rash on Face and Lupus Nephritis

Malar Rash on Face and Lupus NephritisLupus Nephritis is triggered by SLE, lupus. When lupus begins to attack kidneys, many other organs may also be involved. Malar rash on face or butterfly-shaped rash across the face is one common lupus complications, and many patients with Lupus Nephritis also have it.

A malar rash for Lupus Nephritis patients

It is one skin disorder that causes rash to appear across the cheekbones or the bridge of the nose. A malar or butterfly-shaped rash are usually purple or red. Although the facial rash isn't painful, patients still hope to ease this problem and have a good appearance.

The incidence of malar rash in lupus

It is reported that about three-quarters of lupus patients have skin lesions (rash, injured areas or ulcers), and about 50% of these skin lesions are photosensitive from ultraviolet radiation to sunlight.

How to treat malar rash for Lupus Nephritis patients?

Since the malar rash is photosensitive, Lupus Nephritis patients should avoid sunlight, ultraviolet radiation and sensitive foods such as lemon, celery, orange, and so on. To stop patients' skin rash from worsening, they should stay away from alcohol, fish, shrimp, spicy and fried foods, overwork and mental stress. Besides, they should also pay attention to their skin hygiene.

If patients want to get rid of their malar rash from the root, they should take some therapies to treat Lupus Nephritis fundamentally. In recent years, Immunotherapy has been used widely to treat kidney disease caused by autoimmune disease including Lupus Nephritis. Because it can eliminate immune complexes, normalize the immune system and repair damaged kidney cells, Immunotherapy can help treat Lupus Nephritis effectively.

To learn more effective remedies to manage Lupus Nephritis patients' malar rash in the face, you can leave a message below or email to Then, kidney experts here will send them to you.

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