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Natural Remedies to Stop Protein Leakage Due to Lupus Nephritis

Natural Remedies to Stop Protein Leakage Due to Lupus NephritisProtein leakage is one dangerous sign for people, because it can reveal kidney damage. When Lupus Nephritis affects one person, proteinuria occurs easily. Hence, patients should take natural remedies to stop protein leakage due to Lupus Nephritis.

Protein leakage

In general, there is no protein in urine for healthy people, because renal filtration membrane can keep protein in the blood. This filtration membrane can only filter small molecular substances such as fluid, inorganic salt, uric acid, urea, and so on. Even though quite an amount of small molecular protein can be discharged out of glomeruli, renal tubules can reabsorb it. Therefore, protein leakage for healthy people is about 40~80 mg and less than 150mg. If it is more than this amount, it indicates proteinuria.

Causes of protein leakage for Lupus Nephritis patients

Lupus Nephritis is caused by SLE that leads immune complexes to deposit in glomeruli. Then, diseased glomeruli leaks protein into urine. However, proteinuria is not only one sign of Lupus Nephritis but also can induce further kidney damage.

Natural remedies to stop protein leakage

The onset of proteinuria is due to damaged renal filtration membrane, so the most effective treatments should be able to repair this membrane. Western medicines such as steroids and immunosuppressants can only inhibit the activity of immune complexes but do nothing for this filtration membrane. Some natural medical therapies accompanied with Food Therapy are helpful.

Food Therapy requires patients to limit the intake of protein and choose high-quality protein. Besides, a low-fat and low-sodium diet is also needed, so the meal plan won’t increase the burden on kidneys.

Herbal Remedy is based on Herbal Medicine that has fewer side effects. The prescribed medicines should be able to improve renal local microcirculation, remove immune complexes, inhibit inflammatory reactions, and reverse glomerular filtration membrane damage. Generally, after about one or two months, patients can get obvious improvements.

To determine what foods and herbal medicines are good for certain Lupus Nephritis patients to stop protein leakage, you can contact us through emailing to or or leaving a message below.

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