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How to Treat Lupus Face Rash

How to Treat Lupus Face RashA lot of people were suspected to have Lupus, when butterfly rash appears in their face. If they got an exact diagnosis, they must want to know how to treat Lupus face rash. This is because this typical Lupus symptom affects their beauty. Are there effective treatment options for Lupus patients?

Who gets Lupus and face rash?

Until now, doctors still don’t know the exact underlying causes of Lupus, but some factors indeed increase the incidence of this disease. Family history, environment, sunlight, stress and certain medicines all can trigger Lupus.

Besides, many more women of childbearing age get this disease than men. According to clinical test, there are various antibodies and antigens in patients’ body, and they can form immune complexes. Along with blood circulation, immune complexes can attack various organs and system. Face rash is one complication that occurs when Lupus attacks skin.

Diet and lifestyle to manage face rash for Lupus patients?

To deal with face rash should begin from a healthy diet plan and lifestyle. Many Lupus patients find their rash get worse, when they are exposed to sunshine. Therefore, these patients should pay attention to several tips:

- Try to avoid alfalfa

- Stay away from phototonus foods like lemon and carrot

- Don’t eat spice foods

- Avoid being exposed to sunlight between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

- Wear sun-protective clothes and hats

- Use sunscreen when going outside

Medical treatments for Lupus face rash

Since this kind of face rash is attributed to Lupus, only if Lupus is under control can patients get rid of skin rash completely. If you have this problem, you have several options. They are:

1. Steroids: Application of steroids is one common method to manage Lupus and curb its symptoms. However, steroids may cause a series of problems easily. Also, Lupus is more likely to relapse again and again with these medications.

2. Plasma exchange: Through removing immune complexes and adding some essential nutritions to the blood, it is helpful to deal with Lupus. However, it is not available in every country.

3. Blood Purification: With the help of various blood purification methods, it can eliminate pathogenic factors of Lupus more effectively than plasma exchange.

Because of different illness conditions, patients should take diet plan and treatment based on their own case. To get some personalized advices, you can contact our doctors via emailing to or leaving a message below.

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