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Fatigue and Lupus Kidney Disease

Lupus Nephritis,fatigueHave you experience fatigue? If you happen to be a lupus kidney disease patient, I think your answer will be possibly yes. A friend has told me about his experience. He said it is an overwhelming exhaust rather than simply tired and it accompanies with him all day long and it is absolutely troublesome. He is an example of lupus nephritis patient who hates fatigue very much.

If you face a similar problem with my friend, you may be excited for the following news-- experts find immune adsorption (a technique of blood purification) helps alleviate fatigue on Lupus Nephritis patients.

Immune Adsorption

Immune Adsorption is a kind of blood purification, and it is the cutting-edge technique for treating Lupus Nephritis all around the world. The therapy can remove the immune complexes selectively or specifically, by this means, to purify the blood and alleviate the annoying symptoms.

Immune complexes and Lupus Kidney Disease

Lupus Nephritis is an autoimmune disturbance resulting from a variety of incentives, such as infections, medications and ultraviolet rays. Excessive antibodies are produced under abnormal circumstances, this contributes to the reduction of T cells, and leads to damaged function. Damaged function results in the hyperfunction ofβcells. Consequently, more antibodies are produced. Antibody is combined with corresponding DNA antigen forming a great amount of immune complexes.

Not only can this therapy deals with fatigue on lupus kidney disease, but also it shows other advantages:

-No blood loss during the treatment.

-It is able to remit one’s condition in a really short time.

-No exchange of fluids, so there’s no infection.

-The therapy can promote one’s micro-circulation partially.

Immune adsorption is new leading blood purification technique which is different with the traditional treatment, such as dialysis or kidney transplant. It has no main side effects as the traditional therapies do.

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