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Symptoms Of Patients With Lupus Nephritis

Symptoms Of Patients With Lupus NephritisLupus nephritis is caused by systemic lupus erythematosus, so patients will produce antibody towards his own body cells. Thereby, many systems of body will be damaged. As a result, patients with lupus nephritis will have many symptoms around their body. Here is the list of the major symptoms of patients with lupus nephritis.

Symptoms in urine

Patients with lupus nephritis often have foamy urine, and this is caused by proteinuria. Besides, patients’ urine may also present as red color, and this is because there are red cells in their urine. Besides, some patients may have frequents urine at night.


Hypertension is a common symptom to patients with lupus nephritis, and it is also a common symptom to all kidney damage patients. Because patients’ kidneys are damaged, there may be large amount of sodium and water being held up, and that is a major reason of hypertension. Another major reason of hypertension is the increase of renin.


Patients with lupus nephritis may have edema. It is often to be seen in patients’ ankles and around patients’ eyes, and some patients with severe kidney damage may ave edema in their lungs, gastrointestinal system, etc.


This is a very common symptom to patients with lupus nephritis. More than 80% lupus nephritis patients will have rash. About 50% patients may have butterfly erythema on their head, and this will not leave cicatrix after it disappears. About 20%~30% patients will have discoid lupus on their skin where is exposed, and it will leave cicatrix after it disappears. Besides, their rash is sensitive to sunshine, and their condition will be aggravated if they are irradiated by sunshine.

Lesions in muscles and joints

This is often seen in patients with lupus nephritis. More than 95% patients may have pain in their joints, and it mainly appears in small joints of the four limbs. Besides, patients often have obvious muscle symptoms. They may have myasthenia and sweeny, and pain in muscles will often appear.

In addition, patients may have many other symptoms like cardiovascular diseases, lesions in blood system, nausea and vomit, fever, and so on. To different patients, they may have different symptoms, so it is necessary for them to treat their diseases based on their own condition.

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