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Can Lupus Nephritis Patients Eat Cheesecake

Can Lupus Nephritis Patients Eat CheesecakeCheesecake is one delicious cake, and its recipes can change according to patients' favor. Lupus Nephritis patients should select the ingredients of cheesecake carefully, because some substances may worsen patients' illness condition easily.

Firstly, one essential ingredient of this cake is cheese which is rich in calcium, protein, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin B12, and so on. Besides, cheese is also abundant in saturated fat. Saturated fat can increase the risk of cardiovascular disorder and tax the kidneys easily. If Lupus Nephritis has progressed into end stage, patients must need to limit their phosphorus intake. This is because failed kidneys cause extra phosphorus to deposit in the blood easily.

Additionally, according to patients' favor, patients may choose to do cheese recipes of praline, authentic german, easy sour cream, caramel macchiato, key lime, very berry, and so on. The choice of cheesecake recipes should depend on patients' illness condition. If you want to get a correct cheesecake recipe suitable for yourself, you can tell us more about your medical condition. Then, doctors here can give you some suggestions in detail.

Based on the characteristics of Lupus Nephritis, diet plan for these patients have the following requirements.

- Limiting the protein intake and making sure at least 50% of protein intake come from high-quality protein

- Developing a low-sodium diet to prevent the aggravation of high blood pressure and swelling

- Controlling the intake of saturated fat which may raise cholesterol levels or cause inflammation

- Avoiding alfalfa sprouts which may activate the immune system or induce inflammation for Lupus patients

From this article, we can know Lupus Nephritis patients should firstly control cheese intake, and then, they should try to select correct ingredients of cheesecake to make sure their diet plan is healthy. If you still have anything unclear, feel free to tell us.

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