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Healthy Recipe For Lupus Nephritis Patients


Healthy Recipe For Lupus Nephritis PatientsLupus nephritis is caused by systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), which is an autoimmune disease. Patients with lupus nephritis will have lesions in many systems. As we know, diet has significant influence on health. While to patients with lupus nephritis, their diet will be different according to their condition. So what kind of recipe is healthy for patients with lupus nephritis patients?

Patients with lupus nephritis will have symptoms in many systems, and different patients will have different disorders. Thereby, patients should make his own recipe based on his own condition. On the other hand, to patients with lupus nephritis, there are some basic points that patients should pay attention to in their diet. Here is the tips we think that should be cared.

Foods should be avoided

Lupus nephritis patients have erythema on their skin, and their erythema is allergic to sunshine. So patients should avoid eating foods which can increase our sensitivity to sunshine. Such as fig, milk vetch, oilseed rape, caraway, celery, etc. Or patients should avoid touch sunshine after they eat these foods.

Besides, mushrooms, tobacco and some food dyes may cause SLE, and eating these foods may aggravate patients’ symptom, so it is better for patients to avoid taking them.

Patients should also avoid foods which are irritant, such as pepper, scallion, garlic, etc, because patients have erythema on their skin, and patients with lupus nephritis often have symptoms in their gastrointestinal system.

Patients with lupus nephritis have less activity, so their digestive function is not strong. Thereby, they should also avoid foods which contain much fat.

Patients often have edema, so they should reduce their sodium intake.

Patients should avoid foods which contain large amount of sugar, because the medicine of glucocorticoid can increase the risk of diabetes.

Foods should be taken

Patients with lupus nephritis often have large amount of protein loss through their urine, which often cause them hypoproteinemia. Thereby, patients should supply high-quality protein. Such as milk, meat, fish, duck, bean products, etc. On the hand, the protein intake should avoid too much, because excess protein intake can also aggravate patients’ condition. The right protein intake is 0.8g/kg, and patients should regulate their intake based on this standard.

Patients will often use glucocorticoid in their treatment, along with that patients with kidney disease often have the imbalance of calcium and phosphorus. They are easy to have osteoporosis, so patients should also supply much calcium.

Vitamin is good for health, so patients should have more fruits and vegetables which contain abundant vitamin. Like frumentum, green vegetables, strawberry, orange, etc.

Patients also need enough calory intake, because this can guarantee patients’ activity, and it can also reduce the consumption of protein, which can relieve patients’ condition. This can be gotten from potato, chocolate, bread, etc.

In the end, patients should also consult their doctors and nutritionist’ advices. Because every patient has his own condition, and they should make the recipe based on their condition.

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