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The Diagnostic Standards for Lupus Nephritis

Lupus Nephritis is caused by systemic Lupus erythematosus, sometimes Lupus Nephritis is easy to be diagnosed as primary glomerulopathy. American College of Rheumatology recommended the diagnostic standards of Lupus Nephritis in 1997, which make the diagnosis of Lupus Nephritis much convenient.

There are eleven items in diagnostic standards. If a patient accords with the seventh item, and has four kinds of symptoms among them, and does not has phyma, surgical infection and other connective connective diseases, then his disease can be diagnosed as Lupus Nephritis.

Here are the diagnostic standards for Lupus Nephritis:

·Erythemas in zygomas: There are erythemas in the outstanding parts of two zygomas, and they are flat or protuberant.

·Discal erythemas: The erythemas are sheet and protuberant on the skin, and there are cutin desquamations and thrombuses of hair follicle in them. Atrophic cicatrix may appear in old lesions of erythemas.

· Being allergic to light: Patient can have rash when he is irradiated by light, which is a allergic reaction to light.

·Dental ulcer: there are ulcers in patient’s mouth or nasopharynx, which are not painful in usual.

·Arthritis: these arthritises are non-aggressive, and appear in two or more peripheral joints. There are pressing pain, swell and hydrops in them.

·Serositis : symptoms of pleurisy and pericarditis appear.

·Renal lesions: The amount of urine proteins is >0.5g/24h, and cast appears in the urine test.

·Nervous lesion: there are lesions in nerve symptom, and patient has nervous problems, such as epilepsy, inattention, and so on.

·Blood diseases: There are many abnormalities in patient’s blood, such as hemolytic anemia, the decrease of white cells, red cells, and lymphocyte, and so on.

·Abnormalities in immune systems: The antibodies of ds-DNA, sm and phospholipid are positive.

·Antinuclear antibodies: the titer of antinuclear antibodies is abnormal in any time, and there is not conditions of drug-induced lupus.

The method of diagnosing Lupus Nephritis is not single. In china, we also have our standards to judge this disease. The most convenient method may be renal biopsy, but its drawback is very painful.

In the end, it is our desire to help patients know how to live with their diseases. If you have any questions about diagnosis of Lupus Nephritis, please feel free to consult us.

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