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Lupus after Kidney Transplant: Possible Problems and Life Expectancy

Lupus after Kidney Transplant: Possible Problems and Life ExpectancyLupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that can affect a variety of different body parts. The kidneys are especially vulnerable for people with lupus. Varying degrees of inflammation caused by this condition can result in Lupus Nephritis and even Kidney Failure. If patient develops into End Stage Kidney Failure, dialysis or a kidney transplant have to be adopted. Here, we will talk about possible problems and life expectancy after transplant.

1. Possible problems

▪ Recurrence of Lupus in the transplanted kidney. Lupus Nephritis is an immune disorder. Patient's immune system are still abnormal after transplant, so the disease can recur in the transplanted kidney, resulting in transplanted kidney failure.

▪ Side effects of drugs. After the operation, patients have to take medications lifelong to prevent rejection of the kidney. Side effects of these drugs including arthritis, visual cataracts, and in some cases even cancer.

After receiving a Kidney Transplant, Lupus patients need to make frequent visits to check in with the physician. The body may lose the ability to fight offer certain infections, some of which may be life threatening.

2. Life expectancy

The transplanted kidney doesn't work forever. The better expected life expectancy is about 10 years. In some unsuccessful cases, the new kidney just stays several months or even days. Working efficiency chance of donated kidney is: 90% (one year); 60% (five years); 50% (ten years). If the new kidney fails, patient need to restart Dialysis and go back to waiting list.

At present, there are over 96,000 waiting for a kidney. Many patients passed away during their waiting process. People with Lupus and Kidney Failure can choose alternative therapy to get better prognosis. You can refer to 'How to Improve Kidney Function with Lupus Nephritis' for more information. Take care!

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