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Can Lupus Nephritis Cause Death

Can Lupus Nephritis Cause DeathLupus Nephritis occurs when kidneys are involved in systemic lupus erythematosis, also known as Lupus. Although Lupus isn’t universally fatal disease, one of its complications, Lupus Nephritis, indeed can cause death. However, don’t worry. Some effective treatments can help save these patients’ life.

Lupus and Lupus Nephritis

Lupus is one autoimmune disease due to immune system disorder, and it is also one systemic disease that can cause damage to various organs and systems. They are kidneys, brain, skin, blood and blood vessels, lungs, heart and bone.

When kidneys are attacked by Lupus, this condition is called Lupus Nephritis. If untreated timely and effectively, Lupus Nephritis will progress into kidney failure. At present, kidney failure is still one of the leading cause of death for Lupus patients.

How does Lupus Nephritis cause death?

According to clinical research, long-term mortality is still high among Lupus Nephritis patients, and several factors can lead to this tragedy. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events, infections and active SLE are three threatening factors for Lupus Nephritis patients’ life.

Treatments that can help save Lupus Nephritis patients’ kidneys and life

Effective and timely managements can still make Lupus Nephritis patients live as long as normal people. The following are some treatment options.

1. Small dosage of glucocorticoid: It can help control mild lupus nephritis. If necessary, patients should also take some immunosuppressants.

2. Plasma Exchange: If patients’ illness condition is quite serious, plasma exchange may be needed. It can help eliminate immune complexes from the body and protect the remaining kidney function.

3. Clear Blood Pollution Therapy: With the help of blood purification methods and medicines, this therapy can help normalize blood circulation and provide a clear environment for kidney restoration. Then, some other medicines are taken to rebuild kidney structure.

Lupus Nephritis varies in intensity and degree, so different patients need different treatment options. If you can’t determine which one is suitable for you, you can consult the doctor online or leave a message below.

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