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How to Prevent Lupus Glomerulonephritis

Lupus glomerulonephritis is a kidney problem that is caused by systematic lupus erythematosus (SLE). SLE is a systematic immune disease which easily spreads throughout the whole body, especially in skin, blood, lung, joint and kidneys.

Kidneys are important organs to remove the excessive fluids and wastes in the body and if kidneys are affected, various harmful substances will build up, increasing risk of diseases or even death. Then, prevention to lupus glomerulonephritis should be a necessary issue to discuss.


Tests and observation will be the most accurate way to detect the progression of lupus and figure out whether kidneys are affected or not. Autoimmune antibody test is suggested to find out whether you have lupus, how severe the lupus is, which drug are right choice. This helps record the development of your lupus condition.

And for your kidney recording, kidney damage tests are good choice. This tests helps to find whether your kidney are injured or not; which part of your kidney are injured, glomeruli or renal tubules; How severity your kidney damages is; the tests offer directions for your doctor to choose drugs for you. It is a leading test to help your doctor prevent lupus affecting kidneys.

Diet Plan

Diet plan helps protect your kidneys and reduce the development of SLE. The diet plan is suggested to aim at decreasing the kidneys workload. Here are some suggestions for your information: reducing intake of meant and dairy food; reducing saturated fats; reducing nightshade foods, such as peppers, egg plants, tomatoes and potatoes etc; Quiting alcohol drinkings; By the way, smoking is a risk factors to damage your kidneys.


No matter what you do to prevent lupus glomerulonephritis, control on the primary disease is always the key. Lupus is the underlying cause of affected kidneys in this conditions. This is why immunotherapy is suggested here.

Lupus is knowns as immune system disorder. It is the ill immunity that causes the generation of excessive lupus. Immunotherapy is designed to repair or even rebuild the sick immune system and use the new one to fight against disease.

Only when your lupus can be controlled well, you will see the promising prevention of lupus glomerulonephritis.

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