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Can Renal Failure with GFR 10 Be Reversed in Lupus

Can Renal Failure with GFR 10 Be Reversed in LupusLupus is a chronic inflammatory disease. Varying degrees of inflammation caused by the disease can result in Lupus Nephritis and even Renal Failure. Here, let's discuss the question, "Can Renal Failure with GFR 10 be reversed in lupus?"

Though there is not yet a cure for lupus and Kidney Failure with GFR 10, treatment is available to prevent further deterioration of kidney function and maximally improve the gfr level. Patients can avoid or get rid of Dialysis and live a fully normal life with significantly extended life expectancy when their remaining renal function is increased to 15% or above.

In western medicine, there is still no such effective treatment. Fortunately, Chinese medicine provides new hope to kidney patients. Clear Blood Pollution Therapy is invented based on thirty years' research and clinical practices by renowned nephrologists in China.

Actually, Lupus and kidney disease is due to the unhealthy blood and immune disorder. There is large amount of immune complexes circulating in the blood and these harmful things will deposit in the kidneys and gradually damage the kidney function. If people only take symptomatic treatment, the disease will eventually develop into Kidney Failure.

In treating lupus and Renal Failure with GFR 10, Clear Blood Pollution Therapy works to clear up the blood stasis, eliminate the immune complex deposits, protect the residual kidney function and reactivate the self renewal of the damaged kidney cells, thus improving the kidney function. As a personalized therapy, treatment plan is made based on an accurate diagnosis and analysis of each patient's specific condition.

Hence, if you or your beloved on has lupus and Renal Failure with GFR 10, you can Email us at with the detailed disease information. We will reply you soon with more helpful advice!

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