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Lavender Tea and Kidney Disease

Lavender is used to prepare a series of natural remedies with many problems. It is also beneficial for patients with kidney disease. It usually shows no direct effects on Kidney Damage, but helps relieve its symptoms and complications.

Lavender Tea and Kidney Disease

By containing tannin, a bitter substance, mineral substances, essential oils, lavender flowers have an antiseptic, calming and carminative activity, and nerve stimulating effects.

Improve Appetite

Upset stomach is a common symptoms of Kidney Disease, due to the high toxic levels and swelling on digestive organs. This is why Kidney Disease patients usually suffer from poor appetite. Lavender tea helps calm down the upset stomach and is used to treat the bowel infections.

Prevent Cold or Infection

Cold or infection is easy to happen in patients with Kidney Disease. Why? According to the new research, more than 95% of kidney diseases resulting from immune disorder. Each people with immune system problem has no enough immunity to prevent cold or infection which may increase the risk of kidney disease relapse. Lavender tea, when applied topically, may help alleviate colds, cough, flu, infection etc.

Alleviate Fever

Fever is a common side effects of Dialysis. Dialysis is a renal replacement treatment which may be recommended for patients with CKD or Kidney Failure. Lavender tea may help induce sweating and consequently reduce the body temperature during fever.

Emotional Balance

When people is diagnosed with Kidney Disease, he or she may feel depressed or upset, which causes mood depression or mood swings. Lavender tea may help calm nervousness and anxiety. It may also be used to alleviate stress and uplift flagging spirits.

Improve Sleep Quality

Due to various Chronic Pain, such as Back Pain, headache etc, frequent urination and bone disease etc, patients with Kidney Disease may experience keeping awake whole night. Lavender tea may help ease insomnia.

Lavender Tea is a good choice for most cases with Kidney Disease. However, you need a consultation with your doctor or our online experts before you try it. And we are here to help rule out the risks which may interfere with lavender tea.

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