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Marshmallow Tea and Kidney Disease

Marshmallow Tea and Kidney DiseaseMarshmallow as a medical herb, has been recommended to treat Kidney Disease in many cases. This article will talk about marshmallow tea and kidney disease.

Marshmallow Tea and Kidney Disease

Consumption of marshmallow tea can lead to many health benefits, as it is a natural beverage. Marshmallow is also known as common marshmallow, khitmi, usubeni-tati-aoi, inviscus etc. There are some benefits of marshmallow tea in kidney management.

Improve Appetite

Poor appetite is a bad symptom in patients with Kidney Disease which troubles the patient normal life usually. Marshmallow has shown to be helpful in almost all problems related to inflammation of the digestive tract. This helps improve appetite in patients with Kidney Disease.


Kidney Disease is the inflammation happening in the kidney tissue. As time goes, the inflammation spreads in the kidneys and causes kidney scarrings and kidney function decline. Roots may be formed into a mouthwash and used to treat inflammation. It is in this form that the roots can be extremely helpful in aiding the irritation of teething infants.

Kidney Cleanse

Marshmallow tea (made from the leaves) may aid in flushing out kidney stones.

Other Tea Choice for Kidney Disease

Besides marshmallow, there are other teas which is beneficial for your kidney disease. However, before you try any of the following tea, you are suggested to consult your doctor or our online instant service for a permission.

- there are some tea for kidney management, such as club moss tea, centaury tea, cleavers tea, saw palmetto tea, elderberry tea, ceylon tea, kukicha tea, fenugreek tea, lemongrass tea, burdock tea, dandelion tea, sassafras tea, rehmannia tea, banaba tea, goji tea, sage tea, cranberry tea, juniper tea, milk thistle tea, orris tea, privet tea.

- tea for kidney stones may include black tea, abuta tea, butterbur tea, pipsissewa tea, corn silk tea, alfalfa tea, uva ursi tea, marshmallow tea, stone root tea, triphala tea.

- besides the herb tea beneficial for kidneys, there are some teas which are suggested to avoid, such as periwinkle tea, rue tea, horse chestnut tea, oolong tea, lemon verbena tea, lovage tea, wu yi tea etc.

As for the dosage, it differs from person to person. Share your story with us and let’s find the dosage for you together.

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