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Chinese Herbs & Kidney Transplant

Chinese Herbs & Kidney TransplantKidney transplant is the last choice for many patients with severe Kidney Disease. Chinese herbs help manage a better kidney and prevent many complications of transplantation.

Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs has been established to protect human body from attacking of disease for more than 5.000 years. Chinese herbal medicine is not based on mainstream Western concepts of medical diagnosis and treatment. It treats patients’ main complaints or the patterns of their symptoms and the underlying causes.

Herbs for Kidney Transplant


Kelp is a natural herb which works as diuretic for patients who take Kidney Transplant or have Kidney Failure. Kelp consists some good substance which help protect kidneys, such as iodine and iron. It helps improve the urine volume, which can flush away more toxins from the body.


Ginger is a natural toxin eliminator which can remove the waste products in the body naturally. You are suggested to make a compress of ginger to help prevent the complications of kidney transplant. Drape the towel from the ginger hot water across your back, covering your kidneys. When the towel cools, drape it in the hot water again.


Dogwood is a small tree with yellow flowers and red berries, which affects the kidney and liver meridians. The fruits, which contain cornin, ursolic acid, morroniside and sworiside, have astringent, antimicrobial, diuretic and hypotensive actions.

Water Plantain

In Chinese medicine, water plantain is known as a kind of cold herb, which regulates water metabolism and eliminates heat and dampness. It helps control the conditions and symptoms, such as urinary problem, vaginal discharge, swelling etc, which may occur after kidney transplant.

Chinese herbs, based on a network of meridians, or channels, that allow energy, also known as Qi, to flow around the body. It helps the patient recover after kidney transplant and prevent the relapse of kidney disorder. Besides Chinese herbs, there are also other options which helps improve the successful rate of Kidney Transplant. Share your ways with us and get more from us! Email us to or leave a message below.

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