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Disadvantages and Contraindications of Kidney Transplant

Disadvantages and Contraindications of Kidney TransplantKidney transplant is an operation to replace damaged kidney with healthy kidney. If successfully, patients can live a brand new life and can say goodbye to dialysis. However, at present, kidney transplant isn’t one ideal therapy for kidney failure patients, because of its disadvantages and contraindications.

What are disadvantages of kidney transplant

Kidney transplant is one effective therapy to treat end stage kidney failure. However, it still has some disadvantages.

-In order to protect transplanted kidney from damage, patients after kidney transplant need to take anti-rejection medicines for the rest of the life. The cost of these medicines is also quite much, so patients should consider their income when they accept kidney transplant.

-It is difficult to find a matching kidney, because a lot of people are suffering from kidney disease. The kidney source is scarce, so it may take several years to do kidney transplant.

- The recurrence of primary kidney disease. If patients’ kidney disease is due to immune disorder such as IgA Nephropathy and FSGS, they may suffer from second kidney failure. Finally, they may have to begin dialysis again.

What are contraindication of kidney transplant

Although kidney transplant is one therapy for end stage kidney failure, patients with the following conditions can take this therapy.

-Serious internal disease or being too weak to tolerate anesthesia and operation, such as serious heart disease, hepatocirrhosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and so on.

-Severe infection, phthisis, peptic ulcer or malignancy. kidney transplant is not allowed, because immune inhibitors and steroids will worsen patients’ illness.

-Systemic diseases like periarteritis nodosa, amyloidosis and diffuse vasculitis.

Now, we have had a general overview of disadvantages and contraindications for patients with kidney failure. If you want to know whether you can do kidney transplant or not, you can have a deep consultation online.

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