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Kidney Cyst

  • Basics
  • Symptoms
  • Treatment
  • Diagnosis
  • Healthy Lifestyle
kidney cyst basics

In most cases, renal cysts would enlarge and press the surrounding renal tissues continuously. Proteinuria or hematuria would present when the kidney tissues are damaged. Along with the enlargement of renal cysts, renal damage would be aggravated, which may lead to renal failure or ESRD.


It has been shown that many factors in your daily life can lead to the renal cysts to affect your normal life. Through the rich experience and intensive study of experts in Kidney Service China, causes of renal cysts have been concluded.

Various infections

Infections may supply a certain condition to activate the potential renal cyst gene, resulting in the lesion in renal tubules and forming renal cysts.


Due to the pollution, toxins would build up in the body which may cause the genetic change in renal tubules. Once the gene is changed, renal cysts would be formed and enlarge ceaselessly.


Unhealthy diet is one of the main causes to form renal cysts. Improper diet, dirty food, spicy food, too cold or hot food etc may induce renal cysts to form and grow.


Overwork, staying up late, irregular life style all may cause the formation of renal cysts.

Risk Factors

Age: The risk of renal cysts increases with age. Renal cysts are very common for people, especially for the elder people. Some studies have proved that people who cross the age of 50 have a 50% rate to suffer renal cysts.

Smoking: Smoking would increase the risk of renal cysts, for the ingredients of cigarette are possible to change the function of cells in renal tubule to form renal cysts.

Lack of regular imaging tests

Drinking too much alcohol or having unhealthy diet.

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