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Complex Kidney Cysts And Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Complex Kidney Cysts, as its name implies, are more complicated that average cysts on kidneys. Well control helps prevent kidney damages and protect remaining kidney functions.

For the complex kidney cysts, we adopt the Traditional Chinese Medicine to shrink the cysts, instead of surgeries. And for the whole treatment, the patients need to pay attention to the three points.

Early Treatment

For complex kidney cysts, the earlier the treatment is, the less the damage to the kidney is and the better the prognosis will be. And as there is more than one cyst, so times of surgeries will bring damage to the kidney. What’s more, the surgeries can’t guarantee the cysts won’t grow up again.

Considering these factors, we adopt Chinese medicine to shrink the cysts without damage and without side-effects. The main therapeutic mechanism is as following: first step, expand the vessels of the cysts wall, which can accelerate and improve the blood circulation of cysts wall; second step, the improvement of the blood circulation can promote the permeability of cysts wall, decrease the inner pressure of the cysts and reverse the differential pressure caused by intravascular pressure higher than intracapsular pressure; third step, accelerate the vessels resorption of the cyst liquid and restrain the secretion of cysts wall epithelial cell, which can prevent the continue expanding of the cysts.

Medical Examination

Patients need to take regular medical examination to observe the change of the illness condition. By this, the patients can adjust the treatment and medicine timely to achieve better treatment effects.

Healthy Lifestyle

- Diets, usually the main principles for the diets of patients with kidney cysts are: low-salt, low-fat, proper protein and no spicy food.

- Patients should avoid strenuous exercise, overworking, catching a cold. Besides, controlling the blood pressure is very important for the patients. In the daily life, patients should avoid long-term taking the medicines containing renal toxin.

- Preventing from infections, this point is very important, especially for the female patients.

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