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When to Remove Kidney Cysts in Children

Kidneys cysts can cause infections and damages in kidneys, as the cyst enlargement. It may cause more serious conditions in children. When to remove the kidney cysts in children?

The decision regarding kidney cysts is made by a physician who specializes, if the treatment of children, which gets many factors to consider. The following factors are very common to be referred. However, as the different personal conditions, the answer will be changeable. If you need the exact personal answer, you can talk with our online expert directly. Online service is free and safe.

- Kidney Cyst Size. Usually, when kidneys cyst is larger than 3cm, it is believed to affect the nearby kidney tissues. And your child’s doctor may consider surgery as long as the cyst is larger than 3cm.

- Position. Size is not the only factor to consider, the cyst position may make kidney damage more serious, especially if the cyst locates in the lower pole of the kidneys. Lower pole makes the surgery difficult to perform, for it may cause many kidney function loss.

- Kidney Cyst or PKD. No matter your child is diagnosed with Kidney Cyst or PKD, cyst enlargement may require a surgery to remove the largest cyst. However, one thing to know is that PKD is a genetic Kidney Disease which has no cure. If your child is diagnosed with PKD, surgery only can remove limited number of cysts. After surgery, the smaller cysts can also continue to enlarge, which makes the surgery not the final treatment.

- Kidney Function. The remaining kidney function is another thing to consider. Surgery has its own side effects and one of them is kidney function decline. If the your child’s kidney function is too low, it is not suggested to take surgery.

- Overall Health. Overall health plays an important role to decide using surgery or not. Some other diseases requires no surgery. If your child has some other medical conditions, doctor should make them into consideration.

Is there any alternative to surgery for Kidney Cyst in Children?

As mentioned above, your child may be not a candidate to surgery. Then, is there any alternative choice?

Luckily, the answer is yes! Chinese Herbal Medicine is found can help shrink the Kidney Cyst both in size and in number naturally. The herbal formula is made based on your child’s own medical conditions. Any help, please leave a message below or just email to

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