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Precautions for Pain in Right Side Abdomen Due to Cortical Cyst

Precautions for Pain in Right Side Abdomen Due to Cortical Cyst“Renal cortical cysts have been detected in ultrasound. There is pain in my right side abdomen and extending to back side. What precautions shall I take for this?” If you have a similar concern with this patient, you can find the answer here today.

Simple cortical cyst in kidneys are filled with clear fluid and sometimes blood. If these cysts have caused some symptoms especially abdomen pain or kidney pain, it means some of these cysts have grown to quite big. Then, precautions that can prevent rupture of renal cysts or slow down the growth of these cysts should be taken. For example:

* Prevent infection

Infection is just one cause of renal cortical cyst. When the body’s defense system becomes abnormal, a lot of bacteria and virus will invade kidneys, resulting in various kidney disorders as well as kidney cyst. In turn, infection like urinary tract infection is also one common complication of cortical cyst, and UTI can cause blood urine and abdomen pain directly.

In order to prevent infection, patients should drink plenty of water, go to urinate timely and keep the urethra clean.

* Use medications correctly

In some cases, patients with cortical cysts need to take painkillers, antibiotics and some other medications to manage their discomforts. In fact, a lot of these medications have renal toxicity that can cause further kidney damage and worsen patients’ illness condition easily. Therefore, patients should use medicines as doctor’s guidance strictly.

* Make clear foods to eat and avoid

Some foods such as cranberry, corn silk and cucumber are good to control renal cortical cyst, while some other foods like chocolate, beer, coco cola, polluted foods, spicy foods may stimulate the growth of renal cortical cysts. Having an understanding of these foods can help kidney patients to arrange a healthy diet plan.

* Have more rest

It is important to avoid overwork and strenuous exercise such as football and basketball. Besides, don’t do bending and stretching actions that can also prevent the rupture of kidney cysts.

Many other precautions can also help manage cortical cyst in kidneys and relieve abdomen pain. To learn more about them, you can leave a message to us in the form below.

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