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Treatments to Dissolve Renal Cortical Cysts Naturally

Dissolve Renal Cortical Cyst NaturallyRenal cortical cysts are a cluster of sac-fluid masses growing in renal cortex, which consists of glomeruli and renal tubules. To prevent these cysts from damaging inherent kidney cells, treatments that can help dissolve renal cortical cysts naturally are needed to take timely and actively.

The treatment should depend on the characteristics of these kidney cysts.

As the above mentioned, renal cortical cysts are located in the outer part of kidneys, so the large one may rupture easily with any knock at the kidney area. Secondly, simple renal cortical cysts are filled by clear fluid, and there are usually no illegal activities within cystic walls. Thirdly, there is one special cell called cystic lining epithelial cell which is responsible for secreting sac fluid.

Natural treatment options to dissolve renal cortical cyst

According to these three characteristics of renal cortical cysts, three treatments can help deal with this kidney disorder.

- Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): With a history of more than 2,500 years, many Chinese medicines are proven to be effective on shrinking kidney cysts. They work through improving blood circulation within cystic walls and increasing the pressure difference within and outside kidney cysts. Therefore, more and more sac fluid can be dissolved gradually.

- Ayurvedic medicine: These medicines are originated from India. With the help of herbal medicines, food therapy, medical oil, exercise and so on, this therapy is also good to help slow down the growth of kidney cysts, but no clinical research has shown there are special ayurvedic medicines that can help shrink renal cortical cysts.

- Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: This therapy is based on TCM, and it is mainly used to shorten the patients’ treatment duration and strengthen the therapeutic effects of oral Chinese medicines. Also, this therapy can make renal cortical cysts dissolved in the same time.

If you are suffering the pain of renal cortical cysts, you can consult the doctor online to determine which therapy is best for you. I believe you can get rid of them successfully without any side effects.

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