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Renal Cortical Cyst Measuring 2.0 * 0.8 *1.1 cm: What Should Do

Renal Cortical Cyst Measuring 2.0 * 0.8 *1.1 cm: What Should DoRenal cortical cyst refers to fluid-filled sac developing in kidney functioning tissues. One person consults us and said his renal cortical cyst is 2.0 * 0.8 * 1.1 cm that makes him very worried. Is this kidney cyst dangerous? What should he do?

For 2.0*0.8*1.1 cm kidney cyst, it is still not so big. Our kidneys are great organs that have certain capacity, because patients usually don’t have any symptom or discomfort, if their kidney cyst is smaller than 3 or 4 cm. This patient’s renal cortical cyst size is still under kidneys’ capacity, so he doesn’t need to be worried. In this case, he only needs to develop a scientific diet plan, follow a healthy exercise schedule and do regular examination.

Here, we would like to introduce some foods and things that may stimulate the growth of renal cortical cyst or cause its rupture.

- Some foods including beer, chocolate, coffee, coca cola and spicy foods

- Overwork and lack of rest

- Vigorous activity such as basketball, football and boxing

- Stretching or bending movement

- Drinking alcohol or strong tea or smoking

Pay attention to these tips, so patients can find their kidney cysts grow slowly. However, these methods are not enough if patients have any symptom like back pain or it grows quickly. In this case, they should take some medical treatments to shrink kidney cysts and protect kidney functioning tissues.

Some traditional Chinese medicines have the properties of removing stasis and improving blood circulation within cystic walls, so they can help drain sac fluid from the body gradually. If the patient only has one big cyst, he can also use aspiration, one surgery. The principle that you choose the treatment should be safe and not cause relapse, if you also have renal cortical cyst. To know which treatment or medicine is better for you, you can leave the size of your kidney cyst in the below form, so we can give you some suggestions.

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