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What Is The Best Way to Treat Small Cyst in Kidney

small cyst on kidney,herbsSmall cysts in kidney usually cause no outstanding symptoms. Usually, the small cyst in kidney is found during an image test, such as ultrasounds or CT, for another reason. What is the best way to treat small cyst in kidney?

There are several available treatment options for patients with small kidney cyst:

Waiting. If you cysts in kidneys are small enough and cause no problems, such as pain, frequent urination, Blood in Urine, Urinary Tract Infection or fever, your doctor may alway suggest waiting. Regular monitor on the cyst conditions for 6~1 year is the common choice, especially in western countries.

And if you cysts grow slowly or are not as large as more than 3cm, non-treatment will be performed. However, in my own opinion, I don’t think it is the best treatment. Imagine, if there is a timing bomb in your body, leaving it be and just waiting the deadline time is the worst action. Trying to remove the “bomb” can throw out the threatening.

Herbs for kidney cleanse

In eastern countries, such as China, India, waiting is not qualified as a treatment for small cyst on kidney. As surgery cannot deal with the cyst that less than 3cm, herbs are always the first safe and efficient treatment.

Many herbs can dissolve the calcium deposition on kidneys and shrink the kidney cyst naturally. And the herbs for kidney cleanse can help heal the urinary tract, increase the flow of urine which in turn helps remove waste products and some provide an antiseptic and antibiotic effect that it local to the kidneys. There are specific herb lists in Chinese Herbal Medicine for Kidney Cyst.


Sodium is an essential mineral that helps maintain fluid balance by retaining fluid. A low-sodium diet is necessary when kidney cysts cause symptoms of kidney failure. a low-fat and high-fiber diet to help lower high blood pressure, which can damage your kidneys. Your diet should contain plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.


If you have no system of edema or you can call it swellings, you are suggested to drink more water everyday. It is said that water intake help flush ways the cyst fluids. Talk to your doctor about the water intake volume.

If you can drink the herbal tea that is specialized for small cyst on kidneys, the outcome will be better than that of water only.

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