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How to Treat Cortical Cyst

Patients with kidney cyst may often hear about the definition of cortical cyst, but they may confused about its meaning. In this article, we will explain this aspect.

What is cortical cyst?

Renal parenchyma consists of renal cortex and renal medulla. While renal cortex is mainly divided into glomeruli and kidney tubules, and renal medulla mainly consists of kidney calices and pelvis.

For patients who have renal cortical cyst, it means there are sacs which are filed with clear fluid in the cortical part of their kidney.

The cyst’s epithelial cells can excrete cyst fluid, and the cyst will grow big gradually. Thereby, kidney cyst is a progressive disease. When the cyst is too big, it will squeeze the kidney parenchyma, and damage the kidney function and structure, which will lead to kidney failure in the end.

In fact, when the cyst is small, it will not cause any complications to patients. As this disease progresses, Patients may have some symptoms like kidney pain, hematuria, hypertension, proteinuria, and so on. But to patients with very severe kidney condition, because damaged kidneys can cause many disorders in patients’ internal circumstance, patients may have many symptoms.

How to treat cortical cyst?

When the cyst is small than 4cm, in western medicine, the doctor may leave the cyst alone, and patients mat need to change their life habits and diet to avoid increasing harm to their overall health and kidney function.

When the cyst grows bigger, puncture and surgery may be need to remove the big cyst to reduce its pressure on kidney tissues. But the shortage of these treatments is this can do nothing to the small cysts, and the cysts will always grow until patients accept kidney transplant.

In fact, traditional chinese herbal medicine has a well effect in treating kidney cyst when it is small. It can inhibit the cyst’s growth by inhibiting the process of epithelial cells excreting cyst fluid, which is achieved by inactivating the epithelial cells in kidney cyst. As we know, do something is better than do nothing, especially in the early stage when the disease is more likely to be controlled.

For patients with renal cortical cyst, they should do their best to protect their health. Besides, if you need any help, you can also contact us, we will be glad if we can help you.

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