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Kidney Cyst Rupture Symptoms

Kidney cyst is a kidney problem characterized by fluid filled sacs located in the kidneys. When the kidney cyst is large enough, cyst rupture may occur at any time. Here are the symptoms of kidney cyst rupture for your information.


Often the pain is a result of the cysts being located externally on the kidney and becoming enlarged and pressing against other structures in the body. The pressure generated by the growing cysts can cause them to rupture. Ruptured kidney cysts can cause pain in the back, sides, abdomen and hips. Another possible cause of pain is infection.


Hemorrhage is a serious symptom of Kidney Cyst Rupture. In this condition, other signs may follows the hemorrhage. And you may feel low blood pressure, fever, low urine outputs, organ failure etc.

Blood in Urine

In a solitary kidney cyst, blood in urine may not be noticed. They are generally filled with clear fluid. It can be detected on urine analysis. But when the condition is severe and there are multiple cysts, a person can notice red urine.

Acute renal failure

The urine output is suddenly stopped due to vascular injury and malfunction of the kidney due to blockage.

To avoid the kidney cyst rupture, there are many ways are helpful.

- Treatment on kidney cyst. As we know that the underlying cause of rupture is the enlargement of kidney cyst. Thereby, the treatment which can help shrink the cyst is suggested, such as Chinese Herbal Medicine and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherpay.

- Lifestyle changes. Some other factor may increase the risk to trigger kidney cyst rupture. Thereby, you are suggested to avoid tighten waist belt, strenuous exercise, hit to back area, spicy foods etc. Each of them may cause the cyst rupture.

However, the cyst rupture chance differs from condition to condition. Share your own conditions with us. And we are glad to help find the guidance for you.

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