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2.8cm Cyst on Right Kidney and 6.4cm Cyst on Left Kidney

Q: there are one cyst in each of my kidneys. My left kidney is as large as 8*4.5cm and my right kidney is as large as 8*4.3 cm. The cyst on right kidney is 2.8cm and 6.4cm on left kidney. And my 24-hour urine output is 1380ml, Creatinine Clearance is 16.95ml/min, creatinine is 4.59mg/dl and Uric Acid 9.85, HB 15.1 PTH 173.

A: I read your test reports. Your both kidneys have shrunk. Generally patients with such small kidneys should be on dialysis. But your clearance rate is still 16.95ml/min and you still have good urine output. You have higher chance of reversing the disease.

It also reflects your kidney damage is mainly interstitial and tubular damage, which is in consistent with your medical history. Hypertension will cause lack of blood and oxygen supply in the kidneys and gradually lead to tubular atrophy and renal fibrosis.

For your condition, the proper treatment should be expanding the blood vessels, improving blood circulation and increasing the blood flow in the kidneys. After the blood and oxygen supply in the kidneys is sufficient, the self renewal of the damaged kidney cells will be reactivated, thus recovering the kidney function. For this purpose, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the best Treatment.

It is also good for your Kidney Cysts. After the microcirculation on the cysts walls is improved and the permeability increased, the cyst liquid will be gradually reabsorbed and discharged out of body, so the cysts will become smaller.

Your disease is already in CKD Stage 4 and it is obvious that many complications like electrolytes disorder and hyperparathyroidism appear, but you don't have anemia. Are you receivinig EPO injection to improve the hemoglobin?

Therefore, symptomatic treatment is also necessary. Especially your uric acid is too high. Allopurinol and Colchicine are proper medicine. You also need series of blood purification to lower the toxins level.

We treated many patients similar to your condition. Please don't worry. We are very confident you can avoid dialysis or kidney transplant.

As your serum creatinine is continuing increasing. Early treatment is very important. There are best treatments for you, and you should not miss the best treatment time as well.

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