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How to Ease Back Pain with Multiple Kidney Cysts

How to Ease Back Pain with Multiple Kidney CystsMultiple kidney cysts mean some sac-fluid cysts developing in kidneys. As time goes on, these cysts will become larger and larger. Expanded kidney cyst is the leading cause of back pain for these patients.

Compared with simple kidney cyst, multiple kidney cysts are more likely to cause discomforts when one of them is bigger than 4cm. In this condition, the nerves in kidneys are pulled, so pain in kidney area occurs easily.

Additionally, any knock at kidney area or the pressure of surrounding kidney tissues on kidney cysts can cause cyst to rupture. Kidney cyst rupture is another cause of back pain for patients with multiple kidney cysts.

How to alleviate patients’ back pain? In order to achieve this goal naturally, we suggest these patients to try conventional therapies.

- Avoiding strenuous exercise, bending and stretching action: This can prevent the oppressing pressure against the abdomen, where kidneys are located.

- Eat correct foods: Some foods are proven to have the effect on slowing down the growth of kidney cysts, while some other foods will speed up the growth rate of kidney cysts. Select the former foods and avoid the later foods.

- Drink some herbal tea: Some types of herbal tea such as corn silk, dandelion root and nettle leaf can help shrink kidney cysts to some extent, so patients can choose one correct type of herbal tea.

- Take Hot Compress Therapy: This therapy is located in the kidney area, so the effective ingredients of Chinese medicines can permeate into kidneys and shrink kidney cysts directly.

If patients’ back pain is very serious, they can take some pain killers, but the dosage should be managed very well. Otherwise, these medicines may cause kidney damage to some extent.

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