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Hematuria and Kidney Cyst

Kidney cyst refers to the fluid-sac on the kidney. The size of kidney cyst varies from person to person. I see the small size as large as 0.1cm while the large size is more than 20cm. Usually, the larger cyst develops a higher risk of hematuria.

Hematuria means the extra red blood cells appear in the urine. It can be divided into 2 types--gross hematuria and microscopic hematuria. Gross hematuria means you can see the darkened color of urine by your naked eyes. In the contrary, blood cannot be seen in urine, except when examined with a microscope.

Can Kidney Cyst cause Hematuria?

Hematuria is a common symptom of Kidney Cyst. As cyst enlarges, it will squeeze nearby kidney tissues and causes inflammation of the kidneys filtering system. We know that kidneys are important organs to filter the blood throughout the whole body. When the kidney cysts affects the filtering system, the renal small capillaries will be affected. This causes bleedings in urine.

What can you feel with hematuria?

If you have gross hematuria, you can see the urine color changing into pink, red or cola-colored. Even a small amount of blood cells in urine can cause the urine color changes. Compared with gross hematuria, microscopic hematuria may have no symptoms.

However, kidney cyst may cause other symptoms, except hematuria, which may be a sign to tell you do some examinations.

Is there any other symptoms of Kidney Cyst?

As the Kidney Cyst symptoms are not very obvious, many people may live with it for many years without knowing it. Kidney Cyst is more likely to happen in people over 50years. Thereby, senior citizens are suggested to take a regular tests to monitor the kidney condition. Following are some symptoms of Kidney Cyst for your reference.

- Back Pain

- Chills and Fever

- Frequent Urination

- High Blood Pressure

- Repeated infections

If you have more t han 2 symptoms of Kidney Cyst, you are suggested to consult your doctor as soon as possible. Or you can just leave a message below and we are glad to give you a reply within 2 business days.

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