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Can A Cyst on Kidney Cause Blood in Urine

The morbidity of Cyst on kidneys increases when people are over 50 years old. As the kidney cyst enlargement, you may feel some symptoms. Can a cyst on kidney cause blood in urine?


Kidneys are important organs to keep the body internal environment balanced. Kidneys function to filter the blood thought out the body. They remove the waste products from the blood and keep the useful substances stay in the blood.

Red blood cells will be kept in the blood when kidney function well. However, when kidneys are damaged, the reb blood cells may be removed from blood to urine, causing hematuria.

Can a cyst on kidney cause blood in urine?

Whether cyst on kidney causes blood in urine or not depends on the size, location etc of the Kidney Cyst.

- Usually, if the cyst on kidney is less than 3cm, it usually cause no damage to the kidney which decreases the risk to develop into Blood in Urine. And in this condition, your doctor may suggest no treatment, except follow up. However, if you feel severe symptoms, treatment will become necessary even though your kidney cyst is small.

- the location of kidney cyst makes the output different. Usually, if the cyst locates on the surface of kidneys, the condition will be better. If it locates inside the kidney tissues, the condition may aggravate fast. It is more likely to cause hematuria.

- even with same location and size, the cyst may show different impact on kidney tissues. If the kidney damage is severe, the possibility of blood in urine will increase along with.

Is there any suggested suggestion?

- Shrink kidney cyst. Kidney cyst is the root cause of blood in urine. Thereby, treatment that can help shrink kidney cyst is suggested. Chinese Herbal Medicine uses some specific herbs which can help shrink cyst on kidney naturally.

- Drink herbal teas such as Dandelion Leaf and Green Tea as they support the function of the kidneys filtration and are also gentle diuretics.

- Decrease sodium (table salt) consumption in your diet and replace with sea salt or vegetable salt. Sodium is important for the health of the kidneys but not in excessive amounts.

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