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Symptoms and Complications of Huge Renal Cyst

Symptoms and Complications of Huge Renal CystHuge renal cyst must compress its surrounding kidney tissues and adjacent organs. If left alone, it will replace kidney functioning tissues and cause decline of kidney function. Accordingly, some symptoms and complications appear.

- Back pain

Back pain or kidney pain is usually the first sign of large kidney cyst. Because there are nerves in kidneys, enlarged kidney cyst can pull these nerves and cause damage to kidney functioning tissues. Besides, if the kidney cyst is too large, any knock on kidney or compression from the surrounding kidney tissues can lead huge renal cyst to rupture easily. Finally, patients are more likely to suffer from sharp or dull back pain.

- Hematuria

In addition to clear fluid, some blood may also be involved in kidney cyst. Once kidney cyst ruptures, cystic fluid will spread to other organs and systems especially urinary tract. Then, blood appears in the urine easily.

- Frequent and painful urination

This symptom is more likely to indicate urinary tract infection, which is one common complication for patients with huge renal cyst. To deal with this problem, patients need to drink plenty of water and take some antibiotics if necessary.

- Enlarged abdomen

The gradual growth of kidney cyst can expand the abdomen where kidneys are located. If patients have more than one kidney cyst, they may look like pregnant. This bothers many patients with multiple kidney cysts.

Now, we can know large kidney cysts can cause a lot of symptoms and complications, so patients should take effective treatments to manage these cysts timely and effectively. Until now, surgery and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are two matured therapies for dealing with kidney cyst. As for which one is better for the patient, it should depend on patients’ illness condition.

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