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Kidney Cyst: High Creatinine, Low GFR, Swelling, Normal Urine Output

It is really a rare condition that experiencing the low GFR, high creatinine, but urine output is normal, and showing no swelling over the body in case of kidney cyst. That means that although the renal fibrosis is serious inner the kidney, but there still plenty of kidney cells functioning inner the kidney.

All in all, urine is hope for the reverse of the end-stage kidney disease. That means there still room for the GFR to be raised, and your kidney function still get the chance to be recovered for a level.

Aside from the treatment controlling the blood pressure, repairing the kidney tissues, raising the lost kidney function is the fundamental treatment for patient at this condition.

It it worthy to try to control the growth of the cysts on the kidney. Meanwhile, try to shrink them by discharging the fluid inner the cysts, then repairing the injured kidney cells and recovering their function.

According the experts, kidney cyst means that there exists immune disorder inner the body, so controlling the disorder is rather vital in the treatment. Since the harm the diabetes bring to the kidney is much heavier than that of the simple Kidney Cyst. What's more, the kidney itself is fragile now, so we should try to nurture it.

How to deal with it?

Indeed, the triptolide and tolvaptan can do some help in the fix to the cyst, especially the tolvaptan. It can control the secretion of the fluid inner the cysts. However, both the two kinds medicine can also bring the patients lots of side effects, especially for the triptolide. Its potential side effects has not be known by the medical field now. In the Traditional Chinese medicine prescription, it is used rather cautiously according to the exact condition of the patient.

Otherwise the side effect can be awful. what's more, the triptolide is suitable for the patient who is in the early stage of the kidney disease. And it can work well in blocking the inflammatory reaction, but for the kidney failure, its function is not that prominent.

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