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Kidney Cyst and Proteinuria

Proteinuria, also known as Protein in urine, presents foam in urine. It is a common indicator of kidney damage. Also it presents in people with Kidney Cyst.

What cause proteinuria in kidney cyst?

Of course, it is the cyst that causes the protein leakage in urine. How? If a kidney can function well, it filters the blood throughout the body. There are more than 1 million of glomerulous--working as renal filter, in the kidneys. The functioning glomeruli leak out the waste products, such as creatinine, urea and extra fluid and hold the useful substances, such as protein, red blood cells in the blood.

In People with Kidney Cyst, the cyst enlargement will make the nearby glomeruli scarred and lose their normal filtering ability, if the cysts is big enough or roots in a key kidney area.

In this condition, the renal filter may remove the protein, instead of waste products, causing proteinuria.

Proteinuria and Poor Prognosis

Kidney cyst leads to different prognosis, as the cyst size changes. Normally, if the cyst is smaller than 3cm, it causes no symptoms. When it is larger than 3 cm, it may cause various discomforts, including proteinuria.

If you happen to be a kidney cyst patient with proteinuria, your prognosis may be worse than others. Experts said that proteinuria itself can also damage your kidney tissues. According to a survey estimated in Japan, your Kidney Failure may be delayed as longest as 30 years, if the proteinuria can be controlled well.

How to control the proteinuria in kidney cyst patient?

To control the proteinuria, I suggest a mixed management of steroid therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine and Diet changes.

-Steroid Therapy. Some steroid therapy is specially used to alleviate protein in urine. They work as a “band-aid” which can dress the cut in glomeruli. It is a fast aid to stop serious proteinuria.

-Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy aims at shrinking the cyst naturally and repair the damaged glomeruli. It works as repairman who can sew up the cutting in glomeruli, and make the glomeruli to get its filtering ability back.

- Diet changes also play an important role in managing protein in urine. You are suggested to take a low-sodium, low-fat and spicy-avoided diet. It will help reduce kidney’s burden and alleviate the proteinuria.

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