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Symptoms Of Kidney Cyst Bursting

Symptoms Of Kidney Cyst BurstingKidney cyst can damage patients’ kidneys gradually and severely. while when the cysts are big enough, they will have the risk of bursting, and this may also cause some complications and symptoms to patients.


Blood in urine is a common symptom in patients who have kidney cyst bursting. For patients with mild condition, their hematuria may be found only under microscope. And for patients with severe symptom, they may have obvious red urine. The blood urine may last several days and then disappear. In fact, kidney cyst can also cause patients have hematuria even though it has not been ruptured.


It is easy for patients to have infection after kidney cyst bursts, which may cause patients to have many symptoms, and back pain may be the most obvious symptom in this condition. Patients may have pain on their back around their kidneys, and they may also have pain in the waist and abdomen. Besides, if patients have infection, they may also have many symptoms in their urination, like frequent urine, urgent urination, odynuria. In addition, patients are also easy to have fever if their ruptured kidney cyst causes infection.

Acute renal failure

Acute renal failure is also a symptom that may appear after patients’ kidney cyst bursting, which may cause patients’ urine output to stop suddenly, and this symptom is very terrible.

What can patients do to avoid kidney cyst bursting?

·Changes in patients life habits: patients should pay attention to to protect themselves in their life, and patients should avoid the factors that may cause their kidney cysts to burst. For example, they should avoid vigorous exercise, tighten belt, hit to their back area and spicy foods, etc.

·Kidney cyst treatment: the root problem is patients’ kidney cyst, so patients should accept right treatment. When the kidney cyst is small, it can be controlled and shrunk by the use of chinese medicine and micro chinese medicine osmotherapy. When patients’ cyst is big, the puncture and exairesis are effective, but the shortage of these therapies is that can not stop the progression of kidney cyst. If the size of patients’ kidney cysts is too big, they may have to accept kidney transplant.

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