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Can a Kidney Cyst Cause High Blood Pressure

Can a Kidney Cyst Cause High Blood PressureKidney Cyst refers to the abnormal formation of fluid-filled sac in the kidney. High blood pressure is one of the most common symptom of Kidney Cyst. How does it occur? Feel free to chat with our online doctor for personalized advice.

Kidneys and blood pressure

Kidneys are one of the vital organs of the body. They play important roles in filtering out all the wastes and extra fluid in the body, and regulate blood pressure through release of renin.

When blood pressure drops, renin is released, triggering the formation of angiotensin, which influences blood pressure in two ways:

First, it constricts the blood vessels, resulting in an increase in blood pressure; second, it stimulates the release of another substance that causes the kidneys to send more salt, water, and potassium back into the blood and that raises blood pressure.

How does a Kidney Cyst cause high blood pressure?

A cyst small in size would not affect the renal function. But if it grows gradually in size, it will suppress the healthy kidney cells and tissues, causing kidney damage.

If the kidneys are damaged, they will not return the proper amount of water and solutes back to the bloodstream. In addition, the kidneys' ability to produce and release the right amount of renin will be affects, resulting in high blood pressure.

It it important for people with Kidney Cyst to carefully maintain a normal blood pressure in order to prevent further kidney damage. Making lifestyle changes can be helpful including eat a healthy low-salt diet; do regular exercises; stop smoking; and cut back on alcohol.

Since the root cause of high blood pressure is due to kidney damage caused by enlarged cyst, the fundamental solution is to stop the growth of Kidney Cyst and repair the damaged kidney. You can refer to 'How to Control Kidney Cyst Naturally' for more information about the treatment.

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