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How Large Can a Kidney Cyst Grow

Kidney Cyst,largeKidney Cyst Size varies from person to person. The smallest cyst I know is less than 5mm. And The largest one I see is more than 18cm. And I believe there exists larger and smaller one in the word. How large can a kidney cyst grow?

There is no hard fact for how large can a kidney cyst grow. When it grows big enough, it will oppress renal nephrones and lead to a serious of renal injury and complications.

In general situations, kidney cyst with 3cm dose not cause symptoms and damage to renal condition, there is no need of treatment. However, you need to take test regularly, including urine routine, urine culture, renal function test and Cer endogenous creatinine clearanee rate. As infection can be an important factor for deterioration, so you’d better avoid the test which will cause urinary tract trauma. Unless, it is necessary.

When kidney cyst grows up to more than 3cm, you need to take effective therapeutic method.

If kidney cyst is larger than 3cm~5cm, puncture shows no effective output. It is easy to cause infection and relapse. After long tem observation, puncture can not delay the renal injury.

Surgical resection also fails to take a remarkable effect. You may cut down the superficial kidney cyst, but you can move out the cyst part which is buries in the deep of kidneys.

From a long term run, more and more patients look for Chinese Medicine as a solution. The newest and most advanced Chinese Therapy is named as “Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy”. It is an external application and it will arrive at renal cyst after hot compress. The medicine ingredients can inactivate the cyst epithelial cell and make it lose secretion ability.

As it doesn’t secret any more, renal cyst will stop growing. However, we can not leave it alone, even it stay as large as before. Meantime, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can enhance the permeability of kidney cyst, thus cyst fluids will permeate into blood and are sent out through urine. With cyst fluids being less and less, kidney cyst will become smaller and smaller. When it is small enough, it won’t oppress kidney nephrones any more and it will discontinue to lead to renal injury.

Kidney cyst is known as “silent killer”, for it causes no symptoms. But when it enlarges enough, it will cause fast kidney function decline, even Kidney Failure. If you happen to be a person with kidney cyst, you are suggested to take management as soon as possible.

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