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Top 10 Facts on Kidney Cyst

Kidneys remove waste products and balance the internal environment of the body. When the cyst develops in kidneys, it will cause the kidney function decline. Here are the top 10 facts on kidney cyst for your information.

1. How common are kidney cysts? Up to 50 percent of people older than 50 years of age have kidney cysts.

2. In certain cases, the development of kidney cysts may be the result of an underlying medical condition and there may be serious complications associated with them.

3. Characteristics of simple kidney cysts: No chance of becoming cancerous; Thin wall of cyst; Filled only with fluid; Round in shape with no irregularities when viewed by ultrasound or CT scan;

4. Kidney cysts can be benign with no symptoms at all and may go unnoticed, or they can be complex and potentially troublesome or cancerous.

5. Typically, a cyst on the kidney does not cause pain -- however, this needs to be fully evaluated by ultrasound and a referral to a urologist or nephrologist is recommended.

6. Kidney cysts are associated with an increased incidence of cerebral aneurysm. Symptoms usually appear later (if they do at all) and include blood in the urine, flank pain, excessive urination at night and abdominal pain.

7. Less common features of renal coloboma syndrome include backflow of urine from the bladder (vesicoureteral reflux), multiple kidney cysts, loose joints, and mild hearing loss.

8. Polycystic kidney disease may lead to the formulation of hundreds of cysts, enlarged kidneys and eventually Kidney Ffailure. This condition is a commonly inherited disorder. Some children are born with it while others develop it early in life. Most often, however, the symptoms of polycystic kidney disease are not manifested until the age of 30 to 40 years of age.

9. If complications, due to renal cysts, result in kidney failure, dialysis may be necessary. A kidney transplant may become necessary in cases of end stage renal disease.

10. Chinese Herbal Medicine helps shrink Kidney Cyst naturally and repair damaged kidney tissues, as well as improve kidney functions.

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