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Is 9 cm Parapelvic Cyst Dangerous

Is 9 cm Parapelvic Cyst DangerousIs 9 cm parapelvic cyst dangerous? The location classifies kidney cysts into several types, while parapelvic cyst is just one common kind of kidney cyst that generates from renal sinus. If it is kept in small size, patients usually don’t have any symptom. However, with the growth of kidney cyst, patients may present urinary tract infections, back pain and hematuria.

Learn more about 9 cm parapelvic cyst

Healthy kidneys are usually 10-12 cm in length, 5-6 cm in width and 3-4 cm in thickness. From this point, we can conclude that 9 cm kidney cyst is too big, because it is almost as large as kidneys in length. In this case, this large parapelvic cyst will cause urinary tract blockage or even pyelonephritis easily. Besides, this cyst may cause damage to its surrounding kidney tissues.

How to shrink 9 cm parapelvic cyst?

Parapelvic cyst is located within kidneys, so conventional surgery like aspiration and decortication isn’t helpful to drain sac fluid from the body. Here, we would like to recommend Hot Compress Therapy that is one external application therapy.

According to patients’ illness condition, doctors will prescribe effective Chinese medicines. Then, these medicines are finely-shattered, put into two bags and soaked within penetrant. Next, these two bags are placed in patients’ Shenshu acupoint, which is corresponding to kidneys. Therefore, the effective ingredients can reach kidney cyst directly. Some Chinese medicines can increase the permeability of cystic walls, while some other medicines can help inhibit the secretion of cystic fluid. Therefore, parapelvic cyst can shrink gradually. Only if parapelvic cyst is kept in small size, patients can live with it safely and asymptomatically.

If you want to take Chinese medicines to shrink your parapelvic cysts, you can tell the doctor online more about your illness condition. Therefore, doctors can help you determine what medicines are helpful for you.

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