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How To Know If A Kidney Cysts Bursts

How To Know If A Kidney Cysts Bursts For patient with polycystic kidney disease or kidney cyst, as his kidney cysts grow big, they will burst easily if they are hit by any external force. While how can patient know if a kidney cyst has burst?

In fact, a cyst can burst when it has grown to a certain size, and when it bursts, if patient has not take effective measures to cope with that, patient may have some obvious symptoms.

1.Pain: when patient’s kidney cyst bursts, an obvious symptom is he will have pain. In fact, patient’s pain will not only appear in his renal area. Because the ruptured kidney cysts often cause patient to have infection, while infection will expand to other areas, like patient’s abdomen, hip.

2.Urine changes: infection can cause patient to have some changes in patient’s urination, and patient may have frequent urine, urgent urination, odynuria, etc.

3.Hematuria: when patient’s cyst bursts, it often cause patient to have blood in urine. Hematuria can make patient’s urine color to be red, and it may last for several days, and then disappear.

4,Peritonitis: when the ruptured cyst is in the outside part of patient’s kidney, the cyst fluid is very likely to flow into patient’s enterocoelia, which often causes patient to have peritonitis, and patent with peritonitis will need to accept operation.

Except for the common symptoms that are caused by patient’s kidney cyst burst, patient can also judge it by his some necessary tests, like ultrasound test, CT scan, etc.

Thereby, kidney cyst brust can lead to severe problem if it has not been well controlled. So it is important for patient to be careful in avoiding that appears.

In the end, if you have any trouble in dealing with the disease of kidney cyst, you can contact our online experts, and we are glad to help you.

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