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Does kidney Cyst Cause Tiredness

Does kidney Cyst Cause TirednessDoes kidney cyst cause tiredness? Patients with kidney cyst may have this question. In fact, the truth is it does.

Patients may have no symptoms when their kidney cysts are small, which can not cause any damage to their kidneys. Patients may be recommended to wait until there are cysts more than 4cm in size, and then patients will accept surgery to ease their condition.

Why patients have tiredness?

Patients’ tiredness is mainly caused by anemia, which presents as the shortage of red cells.

While for patients whose cyst is more than 4cm, which may begin to oppress kidney tissues and kidney structure, their kidney function may be influenced. And as their cysts progress, the cysts’ size and quantity will increase gradually, which can cause severe damage to their kidneys.

While kidney plays a key role in regulating our blood condition. Kidney can excrete hormones, among which hemopoietin is very important in the formation of red cells. When kidney structure is damaged severely, the excretion of hemopoietin will reduce. Red cell can transport oxygen to the organs and tissues of our body, which is necessary for our body metabolism, while the shortage of oxygen will cause patients to lack energy to do activities.

Besides, marrow has the function of producing blood. While as the kidney damage aggravates, there will be lots of toxins accumulating in blood. Some toxins may inhibit the marrow’s function of producing blood, which will also cause anemia.

What can patients do to improve their tiredness?

To improve this condition thoroughly, patients should treat their kidney cysts.

Surgery is a effective method to slow kidney cyst’s damage to kidney structure, and it is useful in relieve patients’ condition. While it can do nothing to the small cysts, and the cyst will grow faster after it accepts surgery. patients’ disease will progress into kidney failure in the end.

Besides, patients can also choose traditional chinese medicine, because some medicines are effective in treating kidney cysts. Besides, micro Chinese medicine osmotherapy is good at improving kidney condition, and it is a external therapy, which will not cause any damage to patients’ kidneys. This can provide help in treating patients’ condition, especially for patients in the early stage.

While if you have any question or need any help, you can contact us, and we are glad to help you.

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