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What Is Cortical Cyst

What Is Cortical CystWhat is cortical cyst? This may be a question of many patients who have kidney cyst. To deal with their disease more appropriately, it is necessary for kidney cyst patients to have a better understanding about this aspect.

What is cortical cyst?

Kidney is divided into renal cortex and renal medulla. Renal medulla is next to pelvis, while renal cortex is the part outside of the renal medulla. Kidney work is mainly completed by glomeruli and kidney tubules, while these parts are in renal cortex.

Thereby, renal cortical cyst refers to the sacs filled with clear serous fluid that located in the outside region of kidney, which have no communication with kidney collecting system, and it can be found and located by ultrasound.

What symptoms will occur in patients with cortical cyst?

For patients with kidney cortical cyst, they may have no obvious symptom when their cyst is small, and it cam not cause any problem to patients.

As the cyst grow big, some symptoms may appear in patients with kidney cyst.

·Kidney pain: kidney pain is the most common symptom in patients with kidney cyst. Their pain may locate in ons side or both side, and it mainly appear in the abdomen and waist.

·Hypertension: when the cyst is big, it can oppress kidneys, which lead to the shortage of blood in kidneys. That can stimulate kidneys to excrete renin, which may cause hypertension.

·Hematuria: patients may have gross hematuria or microscopic hematuria.

·Large masses: patients can feel there are masses in their abdomen. The bigger the mases are, the worse kidney function will be.

·Proteinuria: when patients have obvious cyst, they may have proteinuria. Usually the leaked protein is less, so patients with kidney cyst will not have nephrotic syndrome.

Kidney cyst may have no obvious influence on patients’ life when it is small. But it is a progressive disease, and as patients grow older, their kidney damage will be aggravated. In fact, some chinese herbal medicines are effective in relieving kidney cyst, and it has a better effect when the cyst is small. In my opinion, patients should try this method in the early stage of kidney cyst, rather than leave it alone.

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